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Wayne Pearce – Available thru Affiliated Agencies Entertainment

Although most know of Wayne as a rugby league player, coach and commentator, his family has much stronger links with music than sport. His father Ray, was a drummer in a band. His mum, Jean has a Scottish background and played the bagpipes, whilst Wayne’s grandmother played the piano until she passed away at the spritely age of 98!

Wayne was a late starter as a musician and he didn’t learn to play the guitar until he was 37. This was followed a few years later by singing lessons and the formation of his band “The Big Hitters”

They played their first gig at the North Ryde Hawks rugby leagues clubs grand final celebrations in 2001. This was a huge success and they were asked to do a couple of other gigs. Things seemed to snowball and before too long “Wayne Pearce and The Big Hitters” were performing “Yesterday’s Hero” and “US Forces” on channel nine’s footy show to a national TV audience.

Nowadays, “Wayne Pearce and The Big Hitters” are one of Sydney’s favourite party bands who love to get pubs, clubs and private or corporate parties rocking.

What makes the band so popular?
It all comes down to a great range of cover songs and an ability to engage the audience and get them partying. The band plays the best of the best “dance rock” hits from last 40 years including a great current hits and chartbusters.

Because Wayne limits the number of performances the “Big Hitters” do each year, there’s no burnout factor amongst band members and over the past six years they maintain an infectious enthusiasm for performing on stage which helps generate a real party atmosphere and captivates the audience.

Wayne says “Basically we have a lot of fun on stage and if the audience is not partying on the dance floor and having fun as us, then we’re not doing our job”

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